LCI announces new financing facility with Close Brothers

The leading helicopter lesson and aviation leasing division of the Libra Group, Lease Corporation International (LCI), has announced the launch of a new financing facility with Close Brothers Aviation and Marine that will support the continued deployment of LCI’s helicopters in the Offshore Wind sector. The new facility covers two Leonardo AW139 helicopters worth over US$25 million. This new facility serves to deepen LCI's relationship with Close Brothers Aviation and Marine, and to support its operations in offshore wind – a key sector for LCI and one which is growing rapidly.

LCI first entered the helicopter leasing marketplace in 2012 with a $400m order for a fleet of Leonardo AW139, AW169 and AW189 aircraft. Since that time, it has developed a proven leasing platform which today is renowned for the ownership, management, and servicing of a fleet approaching 100 aircraft.

These are in operation across four continents in multiple sectors including offshore wind, emergency medical services, search and rescue, maritime pilot transfer and offshore oil and gas.

LCI’s fleet now comprises approximately US$1 billion of assets in service, on order and under control, focused on the latest technology medium and super medium helicopters manufactured by the leading helicopter OEMs including Leonardo, Airbus, and Sikorsky.

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