Die Brennstoff-Pellets von Greenwood Fuels in Ohio wurden von der PUCO als erneuerbarer Kraftstoff klassifiziert

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) ruled that Greenwood Fuels’ customers in Ohio can be certified as eligible renewable energy resource generating facilities

As such, these facilities will be able to generate renewable energy credits (REC) proportionate to their usage of Greenwood Fuels pellets. These credits, particularly valuable as they are created in-state, can be used towards compliance with Ohio’s renewable portfolio (RPS) standard of 25% by 2025. Greenwood Fuels is committed to delivering cost-effective renewable fuel solutions to a wide range of customers that are seeking a sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative to coal. Since 2009, Greenwood has been operating its manufacturing facility in Green Bay, Wisconsin, with annual production capacity of approximately 150,000 tons and is currently developing other facilities in the USA and abroad.

Greenwood produces superior renewable fuels from an efficient process that repurposes a broad array of industrial waste streams otherwise destined for regional landfills. The company’s products are specifically designed for use with existing infrastructure, thereby eliminating the substantial upfront capital expense associated with other renewable technologies.

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